Our Story

Sarafiah Natural Resources SDN BHD is one of the leading suppliers of containerised palm based edible oil from world’s major palm oil country, Malaysia. We are based and operated from Port Klang, Selangor.
We are able to provide our best to our customers based on long standing relationships with our stakeholders and over 20 years of experience in the industry.
Quality, Service & Innovation is our motto of operation.

Sarafiah natural resources SDN BHD is one of the leading suppliers of containerised palm based edible oil from the world’s major palm oil country, Malaysia. We are based and operated from Port Klang.

We are able to provide our best to our customers, Quality, service & innovation is our motto of operation.

Sarafiah Natural Resources filling plants have a combined capacity in excess of 45,000 metric tons per month (Storage: 4500 MT) handling various consumer and industrial sizes that cater to more than 20 countries worldwide. In addition, our product includes a whole range of palm oil and palm olein, sunflower oil and shortening rich from vitamins and cholesterol free.

Sarafiah Natural Resources strives for continual innovations and non-compromising quality to ensure all our customers the most affordable cost and product value.

Sarafiah Natural Resources is one of best supplier in palm oil and palm olein, targeting the best possible price and quality. We have developed an extraordinarily strong relationship with our customers leading to high customer service. We believe that we offer the best quality products and our prices are very competitive in market, as you can check in the product list of the website. (We encourage feedback from our customers and try to pay close attention to their comments, queries, and improvements regarding our products).

We also pack all our listed products for private labels, based on customer’s choice and designs.

The presence of quality improvement and product value makes us one of the proud and successful oil suppliers in Malaysia and Worldwide.

We understand and believe in local communities and aggressively work for the better future of all stakeholders involved in our company. Our major corporate social responsibilities include helping the local communities in certain aspects by providing business to local communities, jobs in management and operations as well as providing training and workshops for their brighter and prosperous future. We also provide training to certain customers based on their locality to support and help them run their business in new innovative ways and provide training in certain departments for their confident future.

Type Of Business

Manufacturing Consumer Packages And Products

We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality finished products, packed in different types and sizes. Our products are sold in multiple international markets through our wide range of customers. Our company has been exporting to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kuwait, U.A.E, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, China, Mongolia, India, Egypt, Qatar and to other countries upon request from customers.

We export around 30,000+ metric tons of vegetables-based cooking oils fit for edible usage each month, along with 2000+ full container load. Apart vegetable oil, we also supplies sunflower oil and sugar to our worldwide clients.

Our R&D division, constantly research and try their best to develop innovative products by design, packaging, material used and quality, improving texture, appearance, overall sense and aesthetic aspects of the final product. We also respond through our efforts to be firm in developing trans-free and non-hydrogenated fats to meet the current demand for a healthy nutrition regime and specific applications.

Our packaging facility at Sarafiah embraces the good manufacturing perfective and maintain the right suitability and hygiene standards.

  Our Vision

To be leading, integrated and diversified global oil based company providing best quality of goods and services to its customers worldwide.

  Our Mission

Provide value added services to all stakeholders by delivering quality products through innovation and continuous improvements and sustainable business practices.

  Our Goals

  • Ensure that all actions and plans are made to benefits the company vision and mission.
  • Provide the best service in terms of quality of work.
  • Keeping the reputation and standard high in all aspects.
  • Prioritize customer request, providing support.
  • Exploiting market segments in domestic market and international markets.
  • Preserve the environment.
  • Maintain employee rights and abiding with all regulatory and legal laws.
  • Providing adequate training to each employee.
  • Improve work performance to run the operations effectively and efficiently.
  • Contribute to the local community through ministries and local volunteer work.

Why Choose Sarafiah

Over the years Sarafiah has built a meaningful relationship with its consumers by consistently providing premium quality cooking oils soap, powder and sugar which have been recognized worldwide with low absorption, zero cholesterol and extra vitamins for them to lead a healthy life.

Vitamin A&D Added
Zero Cholesterol
Low Absorption

Certifications & License